Intelligent Rinse: How does it work?

Edit: Ah, nevermind. I found some help documentation

  • Hello, I am also looking for information on the intelligent rinse. Could you link me the documentation you have found?

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    from the Help:

    [Intelligent Rinse] Table
    Mark the check box when an intelligent rinse is performed after an acquisition. If it is marked, the setup table is displayed.

    In Intelligent Rinse, rinsing continues until the signal intensity or intensity ratio of masses in the sample or standard solution decreases to the specified threshold or lower.

    Displays the masses to be monitored.

    You can enter the masses to monitor directly in a cell or set them on the [Select Monitored Masses] dialog box cell.

    Displays a mass to use as the denominator when you monitor the intensity ratio. You can enter the mass for the denominator directly in a cell or set them on the [Select Monitored Masses] dialog box, which is displayed when you click the right side of a cell and select Select Mass.

    Enter the threshold (CPS) for sample acquisition.

    Enter the threshold (CPS) for the analysis of standard solutions.

    [Time window]
    Enter the time required to monitor the acquired value. If the acquisition average during the measuring period is below the threshold, finish the rinse. If it does not fall below the threshold, perform the action defined in "Error Action".

    [Error Action]
    Select the action to take if the threshold value is not reached within the time specified.


    So you can set up a rinse with variable timings, depending on the specific count rate of desired elements or signal ratios.

    Hope this clarifies this.

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  • Yup, this seems like it'd be a super useful feature, except you'd have to make sure your CPS are adjusted for every batch after you calibrate. It would be nice to be able to just use the calibration curve for your batch

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