Plasma is not staying on

We have an Agilent 7700 ICP-MS and for the past few days we haven't been able to get the torch to stay on.  At first it would go off almost immediately, after taking it down to clean the lenses and torch it appeared to be caused by a loose connection to the argon meaning the supply wasn't stable.  After securing that it would be on for about 4-5 minutes before shutting off and giving errors 1213 RF 48V is to low and 1233 RF48V is shutting off.

  • Hi,

    have you checked, that all fans of power supply are clean?

    if there is a lot of dust, it could trigger the internal overtemp protection.  
    If those are dirty, then I would suggest to open the front cover of the instrument, to clean the inside as well. 
    Another factor is the air vent, is it working properly?

    best regards Chris

  • I checked and it didn't seem to be dirty, i cleaned them anyway and made sure it was clear.  After checking it this morning it seems to be fine, i don't know if it was dirty or the new argon tank, the last one was still delivering the right pressure but it was getting low and it may not have been as consistent and if there was a bubble i think that would shut off the plasma as well.

    Thank you for the assistance.

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