ICP-MS MassHunter script documentation

I noticed that you can call scripts in ICP-MS MassHunter e.g. before/after starting a batch or before/after a sample is injected. However I can't find any documentation on this topic in the help system or on Agilent online resources. There are two example scripts in the "C:\Agilent\ICPMH\scripts" and "C:\Agilent\ICPMH\LIMS" folders for getting some instrument info and also for exporting sample data to LIMS from Data Analysis. What I would like to do is e.g. send a message to our LIMS system when each injection has started with the sample list name and sample number, but this is unfortunately not covered by the example scripts.

Does anyone know if there is any documentation on the script API? I'm running ICP-MS MassHunter 5.2 on a 7800 system.

  • I asked this same question to the Agilent tech who was here for our quarterly maintenance. You won't find any documentation and they won't give you any. Apparently, you can brick your instrument if you don't know what you're doing. The scripts are more for the techs to troubleshoot than make us analysts lives easier. At least that's what I was told

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