Bias high Titanium results on the 7900

We seem to be reporting bias high Titanium values on our ICP-MS 7900.  Is it possible we are report TiO2 values?  And can we apply a correction. I did manually divide the results set by 1.67 and the results were a lot closer to the expected value.  The sample matrix is approximately 0.5%HCL.

  • I am not aware of any default 'oxide' conversion in MassHunter.

    Titanium requires HF to remain stable in solution. A linear high-bias across the entire calibration range could indicate that titanium was lost (low) in your calibration standards. Easy check would be compare your multi-element CAL to a single element Ti standard.  Our multi-element calibration standards have fluorine-loving analytes (Ti, Sb, Si, W, Sn, Mo, Zr) segregated in a part-B stock bottle with sufficient excess of HF. Then we mix A + B for a working solution and Ti seems sufficiently stable in the working standard for >1-2 weeks (in 5%HCL, 5%HNO3).

    We have observed some instability of the titanium baseline--and hence raised Ti LOQ. I suspect this is a more subtle consequence of the same fluorine coordination chemistry.


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