ICP-OES 5110 ICP Expert Wavelength Calibration Axial vs Radial storage

Does anyone have insight or a link to some references on how the Agilent 5110 ICP-OES system using ICP Expert software handles the wavelength calibrations performed monthly under the "Calibration" tab on the system?

There is a check box to run the wavelength calibration in Axial operation and another checkbox for organic wavelength check.

How does this work if I am running this calibration monthly, but run in different modes. 

For instance, do I run the wavelength calibration in radial mode and when that passes can I run the calibration using the Axial operation checkbox and then both Radial and Axial have been calibrated and ready for use for the month? Does the software only use the most recent wavelength calibration meaning that if I check the Axial operation box I shouldn't run an analysis using radial mode since radial wasn't the most recent wavelength calibration? 

Also, is there anyway to confirm after the fact what the last wavelength calibration used? I found the calibrationlog.txt file, however, it just tells me the wavelengths and date, it doesn't seem to have anywhere in the file that states that axial or radial were used in the calibration.

Any information on this process would be much appreciated. 

  • It really does not matter whether you do a wavelength calibration axial or radial, because the wavelengths hitting the detector are the same. The relative intensities will be different though, so the specific wavecal worksheet has specific threshold intensities that determine whether the wavecal passes or fails. You need only choose one or the other. 

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