ICP-MS 7800 Resolution Axis Fails


For awhile now, I've been having issues with my resolution axis "passing" for masses 25 and 26 in no gas mode. I have done many cleanings and new tuning solutions. Can anyone explain what is causing this continual failing and what I could do to fix it? 

Thank you!

  • Hello, I don't have a root cause for you, but we see a similar issue on one particular 7900 where the res-axis auto-tune consistently mal-adjusts. We are using a manual axis offset adjustment as a workaround: In this case your low mass needs +0.05 AMU. We go to the 'user tune' mode where you will have direct control of axis offset. Increase that setting in the range of +0.05-0.08 AMU and save. Exit user tune mode. Rerun performance report and you will observe the mass axis shifted.  We have unchecked the res-axis auto tune from our daily routine on this particular instrument and the res-axis performance has been very stable without daily auto-tune.  

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