MP4210-Plasma repeatedly switching off

We are using MP4210 and it was working fine until 2 days ago.
The plasma keeps turning off after a few minutes. The Error is PLASMA OUT UNKNOWN CAUSE.

We have checked and cleaned the torch, and restarted the instrument but it keeps switching off again and again.
We even changed to a cleaner spare torch but the same problem persists.

After several restarts, the Error also appears as VIEWING MOTOR RUNAWAY and FILTER WHEEL MOTOR RUNAWAY and SCP_CMD CONSTRAINT NOT MET.

There were other error description, stated as [HVPS magnetron voltage error] or [low pressure] or [ErrorNumber_PLASMA_CTRL_BASE_STATE_TIMEOUT].

The nebuliser is not clogged and is cleaned weekly.

We would be grateful if someone could tell us what the problem is and what we should do about it.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  • Hello,

    Please power of the MP and unplug it.  Make sure the software is close.  Turn on the MP and let it complete the power on sequence. Turn on software and verify it complete the sequence without error.  Depending on the of the USB cable you are using of if you have an antivirus running it could affect the USB communication.

    If nothing works.  Please call Agilent to check for help and onsite will be require if you are remote location.  We need to examine you log file to better understand the issue. 

  • Thank you for the reply.
    After reading through the forum pages, we have noticed similar problem with other people.
    We have tried to fix the error according to your suggestion and also by other accounts, but the problem persists.
    It seems that we do not have the expertise to repair it by ourselves.
    We have contacted our local Agilent technical center and provided the Log files.
    We thank you again for your help.

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