ICP-MS 7700/7900 105 Pd has a bad recovery


Recently there is one tough problem surrounding me: 105 Pd has a bad recovery after calibration standards. 

HW setting, Tuning, P/A, and R^2 are all fine. The annual PM was done shortly. No Y or Cu in standards to interfere on mass 105. Nothing wrong with the Pd standard and the In internal standard. Two acid rinse after each CalStd and Sample. Everything seems perfect. However, when re-testing the same CalStd as Sample type (as seen in the pic), 105, 106, 108, and 110 Pd lost their CPS together, which caused the conc. dropped as well. 102 and 104 are better but not ideal because Ru is mixed with Pd in our customized standard. Even though the higher the conc, the better the recovery, the same solution gives two results. This issue only happens to Pd for both 7700 and 7900 we have. Other elements are fine. Has anyone encountered such issue before? Is this a software calculation issue?

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