Trouble with analysis of samples on 7800

I have inherited a 7800 that has not been in use for a long time. I have been able to purge the He and replaced from the sample probe up to the nebulizer with new parts, replaced the ISIS (due to the old one not working correctly). Last week the instrument was able to autotune in gas and no gas mode after resetting to default settings. The performance report passed as well last week. I ran about two hours worth of 5% HNO3 samples to try and clean out the whole system, then I started running four samples at a time: DI rinse, HNO3 CalBlk, 0.5 CalStd, and a 0.05 QC Check. All of the elements have getting similar counts regardless of what is being sampled. I adjusted some of the acquisition settings for the peripump but regardless of any changes I've made the counts remain relatively similar no matter what is being sampled.

I attached the normal sample introduction settings and the performance report from earlier this morning, please let me know if any extra information might be helpful and appreciate any insight into this. Thank you

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