ICP-MS 7900 Bias high Titanium results

Hi there;

We are reporting bias high results for Titanium and I am wondering if anyone has insight into the reasoning. We run a 2%HCl/0.5 Ntiric matrix with samples.  Ti 47 and 49 isotopes (He mode).

Any thought?

  • First question, are you using the Ni plated sample cone?  With that much HCl the standard Ni cone (has a copper base with only the cone containing Ni) will degrade very quickly. Part number is G3280-67061.

    Have you checked that the He tank still has pressure and do you leave it on?  Check the He flow is enough for your matrix?  If you run just the blank, how many counts are you getting for Ti47 and Ti49?  If you run with just 0.5% nitric, how many counts do you get?  Carbon Chloride has a substantial interference on both those masses and if you are not running enough He gas you will not remove all of the matrix.  If counts in 2%HCl are a lot higher, increase the He flow until it drops close to the nitric only blank.

  • My apologies.  We use 2% Ntiric/0.5%HCL matrix. We have the He flow set at 1L/min and the tank is still under pressure. It is left on.  The blank is around 11cps and the 50ppb at 7000 and 1000ppb Cal at 15000. We will do a bit of investigating as far as our flow goes.  Really appreciate your input.

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