MP-AES 4210 has an error on gas box fault and nebulizer flow became too high

we have brand new mp-aes 4210 spectrometer, but now we are facing a problem of plasma gas flow error. we did everything to the line like new nebulizer, disconnected gas line from the humidifier purging etc but the nebulizer flow is fixed at 7.04l/mint.

  • First thing to try is to power cycle the instrument and reboot the PC.  While PC is rebooting, check the gas line connections of the nebulizer.  Both at the instrument and at the neb.  It is showing zero back pressure with really high flow which might indicate it is leaking around one of those fittings.  After the reboot, try the nebulizer test again.  If it still shows high flow and no back pressure, contact your local Agilent office for service.  

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