SiO2 analysis

Hello all, 

I'm doing SiO2 analysis in ICP-MS, the samples was digested with HNO3, HCL, HF plus 4% solution of boric acid and bring the volume to 50 mL with pure water.

My calibration curve is 0,1 ppm to 6 ppm and I'm using the HMI mode.

After running a batch que sampling cone and the skimmer was very dirty and Black and I'm not have reprodutibilty.

What is the causes and could I do?

  • You need platinum cones for stronger acids, this will also require a brass base for the lens stack. For HF you will also need the inert kit if you are using a quartz setup currently. This setup can be very expensive so if you are only running a few samples with that matrix I recommend diluting them significantly to less than 1% strong acid and just bringing your calibration lower to ppb so you can still achieve the desired DL. With adequate dilution you could run with the traditional setup, but for higher % acids the setup above would be required. 

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