ICP MS 7900 Check Performace is failed

I have an ICP-MS 7900. My Check Performace fails all the time. I washed the entire system and replaced the chambers and cone again. The same applies to oil changes. Nevertheless, my Check Performace fails. Can anyone help me with this? Or someone has an idea? Thanks in advance.

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  • A value this height reflects not the doubly charged Ce++ (70/140), but a „real“ signal in the Mass 70. 

    Most likely is a contamination from HCl (Cl2), Ge or Zn which all have an isotope on 70.

    maybe you are using an internal std, with the online addition kit (t-piece), if so just change the ISTD to water and rinse the system. 
    if you are not using this, your tune solution is contaminated.

    best of luck


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