Varian 720- ES ICP: high pitched noise (error: F16502, F1254, F16510)

We have a Varian 720- ES ICP in the lab. This week, every time we tried to use it, it made an extremely loud and high pitched noise and a message appeared with the following errors:

F F16502: Internal Error. Variuan Reference - (WS) Asynchronous error.
F F1254: Internal Error. Varian Reference - Over current failure.
F F16510: Error. The plasma has gone out unexpectedly
Is there anything I can do?

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  • Hi Juliana

    Yes, most likely the capacitors and/or the RF Tube.  However, you can try to reduce the run power to 1.1Kw in the default ignition table.  You may then be able to run for a few weeks with this reduced power level.  You will need to reduce the power in your methods as well but this this low setting may not work if your samples are in a complex matrix.  Let us know what was the final solution.



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