How to get the absorbance 0.9 when measuring a solution of Cu 5mg/L with a flame AAS system.


We recently set up an atomic absorption spectrophotometry with a flame system. We need to test the performance of this new system by measuring the absorbance of a copper solution 5 mg/L.

However, we only obtained the maximum absorbance is 0.6. On the other hand, we found on the website of Agilent, the absorbance of Cu solution 5 mg/L is typically greater than 0.9 Abs running with a Mark 7 Atomization system.

Has anyone obtained the absorbance that is greater than 0.9 when measuring a solution of 5 mg/L Cu, and could you please share with us optimal conditions to get such a high absorbance.

Thank you very much in advance.

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