Tube ID for Single Particle Analysis (7900)

Hello community,

I am relatively new to the business of atomic spectroscopy in general and single particle analysis in particular. Therefore I hope that I will be forgiven for asking stupid questions.

I am currently trying to set up an ICP-MS 7900 with ISIS as a Sample Introduction System for Single Particle Analysis. The method wizard asks for the inner diameter (ID) of the pump tube to calculate the sample inlet flow. Here I am unfortunately a little bit over-question, from which tube the diameter is meant. Theoretically, I would assume that the flow from the 6-way valve into the nebulizer is relevant and therefore also this tube diameter. Unfortunately, I also have no information on the diameters of the installed hoses. Do standard values exist here?

I would be happy if someone could help me here.

Thank you.

  • Hey Martin, I am using the 7800 ICPMS, and from what you mention here I think what is meant is the internal diameter of the peristaltic pump sample tubing.

     The one I use (agilent part no 5005-0020) has an internal diameter of 1.02mm. This tubing can also be used for the 7900 ICPMS (according to the specifications).

    The internal diameter of this tubing regulatesd how much sample is introduced in the plasma.

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