ICP MS 7800 Low sensitivity

Good afternoon everyone! 

I have a question regarding the Agilent ISP-MS 7800. In our lab, due to power surges, a power supply (G8400-8050) burned out . After replacing the power supply, the device showed low sensitivity during testing the tuning solution (Tuning solution for ISP-MS 10 mkg/L, Agilent). Although before the incident it was at the proper level of 2–3% deviation. 

  • We have cleaned the inside of the equipment.  
  • Conducted mechanical and chemical cleaning of the skimmer base and lenses of the device.  
  • Replaced sampling cone (nickel) G3280-67040. 
  • Replaced the vacuum oil in the pump.  
  • Replaced the spray chamber and capillaries. 
  • Left the device to heat up and maintain a vacuum for 10 hours. 
  • Replaced the skimmer base (skimmer base, stainless, for X-lens, G3280-60608). 
  • Replaced the lens (Extraction lens 1 for X-lens for ICP-MS, G3280-60612),  

but none of these actions helped. 

Please, can anybody help to resolve this issue or suggest a way? 

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