ICP MS 7800 Low sensitivity

Good afternoon everyone! 

I have a question regarding the Agilent ISP-MS 7800. In our lab, due to power surges, a power supply (G8400-8050) burned out . After replacing the power supply, the device showed low sensitivity during testing the tuning solution (Tuning solution for ISP-MS 10 mkg/L, Agilent). Although before the incident it was at the proper level of 2–3% deviation. 

  • We have cleaned the inside of the equipment.  
  • Conducted mechanical and chemical cleaning of the skimmer base and lenses of the device.  
  • Replaced sampling cone (nickel) G3280-67040. 
  • Replaced the vacuum oil in the pump.  
  • Replaced the spray chamber and capillaries. 
  • Left the device to heat up and maintain a vacuum for 10 hours. 
  • Replaced the skimmer base (skimmer base, stainless, for X-lens, G3280-60608). 
  • Replaced the lens (Extraction lens 1 for X-lens for ICP-MS, G3280-60612),  

but none of these actions helped. 

Please, can anybody help to resolve this issue or suggest a way? 

  • Hi Thmyp,

    Please check following.

    1. Nebulizer pressure above 320 Kpa. Lower pressure caused by leak in carrier gas line and blocked nebulizer leads to higher pressure.

    2. IFBK pressure around - 300 torr ( leak in IF vacuum hose cause low pressure)

    3. Shield plate quality and earthing. Please replace shield plate if sputtering found. 

    4. Please check XYZ axis alignment, small deviation can impact sensitivity. 

    5. Internal temperature - > 34 C is good. 

    feel free to share your findings, 


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