Automatic activation of the vacuum pump

Hi to all.

I live in Ukraine and because of the war i have problems with electricity. After turning off the electricity and restoring it, my vacuum pump turns on automatically. Is there any way to turn off the automatic start of the vacuum pump?

Thank you.

  • Volodymyr,

    The fore/roughing pump should be on any time the 7850 is powered on unless you shut the vacuum system off manually.  I have not tried this, but assume if manually turned off, the vacuum system will be active again once the 7850 is powered down and back on. 

    You could install a switch between the 7850 and pump to manually shut the power off when desired, or depending on proximity, simply unplug the pump.

  • Hello, Jtmarten.

    You are right, when the power is off while vacuum is on, it activates back on as soon as power returns. The apparatus kind of "remembers" its status. I am interested if I can find some way to change it via MassHunter (so that after electricity failure vacuum wouldn`t start back on automatically). Or the only solution is installing some kind of magnetic starter on the ICP-MS or between the ICP-MS and Foreline pump?

  • Hello Volodymyr,

    As far as I know there is a system parameter "Auto Resume"  (check in Help) that is default set to ON. In this way when the instrument was in Analysis or StandBy mode after power faulure it returns to StandBy. When it is OFF after power shortage the instrument should stay in Shutdown mode. Unfortunately you need a service engineer to get access to this parameter...

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