MassHunter 4.6: 1/x weighting failed to be applied to calibration

Working with MassHunter 4.6 Workstation Software for 7900 ICP-MS, G7201C, version C.01.06, Build 621.2

I have a first order calibration with no evidence of any issues (%RE are small and random), but the end client has asked for a 1/x weighting to be used to satisfy a regulatory requirement (SANTE/2020/12830). However, when I try to update the calibration with this weighting I get the message that the weighting failed and has not been applied.

Can anyone please explain why? Is it because the weighting was detrimental to the calibration? If so, can this feature be deactivated as regulatory compliance is critical.

Many thanks for any assistance that can be offered.

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