ICP-MS 7800 error 1432

Inside Housing Temp is too high. Resulting in plasma being shut off at the end of start up (torch axis, EM, Plasma correction, standard lenses tune, resolution/ axis, performance report). I a have to reignite plasma and it runs to completion without shutting. Not a daily issue but happens 3 out of 5 days of the week.

  • Hi, 

    please have a look at the back of the instrument.

    There are several air vents, which all needs to be clean. Especially these from the power supply (the lower ones, near of the power cord). The second important point is the air vent in the near of the argon input, behind are the temperature sensors.

    If these air vents are dusty, just clean them (vacuuming or use argon to blow the dust off)



  • I also encountered the same error 1432. The exhaust Duct was 4" instead of company recommended 6". We are trying to replace it with a bigger exhaust fan if that will vent the in-house temperature going higher. I am just wondering whether the Chiller temperature can be lowered to 14 or 15 instead of 20 Celcius.

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