Error when pasting weight information to ICP Expert 7.5


I am having a problem when pasting sample weights into the "weight" column in the Sequence tab, whenever i paste values that use a comma as a separator it for some reason splits the values across the weight and Volume columns in a way in which for example a weight of "0,3452" becomes a weight of "0,0" and a volume of "3452,0". The issue does not happen when the system decimal separator (and the separator of the values to be pasted) is changed to a dot.

This is very odd behavior and i wonder if there is some way to fix it without having to change the whole computer over to using a dot as it is problematic with other parts of the work being done on the computer.

Here is some info about the system:
OS version: Win10 10.0.19044 build 19044
ICP Expert version:

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