How calculate Photometric Noise in SpectrAA Software?



I would like to know how calculate the Photometric Noise in Atomic Absorption 240FS using a SpectrAA software? I saw tjis information in  EQP AA.01.03, but doesn´t have sufficinte information how perform it.

Only service enginieers  can do it ?


Thanks a lot.


  • Hello Renato,


    Those tests would normally be completed by the Field Service Engineer as part of Operational Qualification for the instrumentation. The engineer
    has special software tools that enable automated testing and automated Pass/Fail assignment of the tests - but the engineer also has a set of certified components (lamp and filter set) that are used for the testing.


    If you are trying to achieve operational qualification of your instrumentation, it is important that the certified components are used for the test.
    It is possible to order a set of the certified components - but then you need to take responsibility for keeping the components in certification, which means periodic requalification and/or replacement.


    For the Background Off test, the testing is completed by taking the standard deviation of 20 one-second integrations in absorbance mode using the Cu 324.8 nm wavelength. Noise is measured at either 0 Abs or 1 Abs (using a certified neutral density filter).


    Hope that helps you,


  • Hi Eric, thanks a lot for your guidance, it is very helpful.


    I want to create a specific quality control for my AA system, for example, in UV-VIS cary 50 i run validate test using Software Validate, but for my AA I don't have this tools.


    Anyway,  tks.

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