Intelliquant on the 7700 ICP-MS

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I have a need to do broad screening of a set of samples so I was hoping to use Intelliquant to get some estimate of the concentration.  When I was playing with it today, I ran a known 5ppb multi-element standard and the results were all over the map.  I've used qualitative analysis extensively on another manufacturers instrument in the past and was seeing +/- 20 - 30% of the true value.  To get those results, there was an option to run a standard which was then used to update the internal response table to reflect current operating conditions.  From what I saw of the Agilent literature, there was mention that this was done automatically without the need to run a standard.  But it doesn't seem to be producing the results I would hope for.  Am I misunderstanding the literature. Is there a need to run some form of semiquant standard to update the internal response table?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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