Lubrication of the Peristaltic Pump Head on the 7700 ICP-MS

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When I was running the other day, I noted that my pump head was making an intermittent squeaking noise.  Perhaps the bearings are starting to wear or there is the need for some type of lubrication.  Short of replacing the pump head, has anyone tried lubricating the bearings/pump head?  Was it necessary to dissassemble the pump head? What did you use as a lubricant?



  • Hello tgluodenis

    I'm sorry that a response hasn't been provided. Have you been able to resolve your problem? If you  have been able to resolve the problem, please let us know what you did.

    In case you haven't, to be able to disassemble the pump head , you can loosen the screws marked in red, and after this, you will be able to  remove the cover ( reference 5). After, remove the pump head ( reference 4)  so that you can add some drops of Apiezon grease on central axis ( it's marked in green) .  If not doesn't fix the issue, likely the pump motor could be damaged


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