Latest version of MassHunter running slow

Hi everyone

We ordered the latest version of MH for ICP-MS for our 8900 system. I uninstalled the previous versions and installed it on our Agilent supplied PC. It is very slow when running. In particular graphics are slow to draw and data analysis operations are far slower than our previous version.

The version I installed is MH 5.1 and our previous version was 4.5.

The PC was supplied in 8900 in late 2018.

Any hints. I can provide more details about the PC if needed but we didn't see this issues with 4.5



  • The newest ICP-MS MassHunter software is built on a more graphically demanding platform. Therefore you will need an external GPU to be able to achieve a better visual experience. I have installed it on one of my virtual machines and experience the same. 

    Hope this helps you a bit.


  • Thanks Emre

    Any chance you could provide me with details as to a external GPU setup that might work. I am more of a Mac person only using windows cos I have to for work and the instruments etc.


  • I would recommend a mid-range or entry level card from Nvidia as they are fairly priced at the moment. If we didn't have the global pandemic, I would suggest a better card but at the moment, they are all quite overpriced. A GTX 1050Ti should do the work. If you prefer a better GPU, you might use it with your next gen computer, in case you need to upgrade your PC at some point. 

  • Thanks Emre. I will take a look at these. Replacing the computer isn't an option at this point. Thanks Kevin 

  • Kevin,

    Just to add a follow-up here-there can be many reasons for a slow-down, including the following, which I would suggest you check first: 

    A slowdown may indicate a few things:


    • Running with less than 8GB RAM on the PC (older workstations had 4GB)
    • A close to full HDD (often overlooked)
    • A highly fragmented HDD (again, overlooked – can use windows tools to defragment the drive)
    • Other applications running, taking CPU or memory resources (e.g. Antivirus software, backup software etc.)
    • Depending upon how the update was installed – the Windows Hosts file may not have been updated with the correct instrument IP address
    • Using 2 LAN cards on the PC
    • Making sure that the PC and instrument are on the same electrical ground


    Finally, if the PC hasn’t been rebooted for a while, this can often speed things up a bit.

    I'm also attaching the PC specifications for 5.1 here.

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