How to import info to lims id column to ICPExpert?

According to the help documentation, if we just have "Sample name,Weight,Volume,Dilution" in the csv file, it can be imported. But we need to import LIMS id  to "LIMS ID" column, which is a necessary field to be used to upload testing result to our LIMS. However, when we add this column, the csv cannot be imported. The following is the sample csv file i used. Could you please kindly help us? Thanks a lot for your great help.

Sample name,Weight,Volume,Dilution,LIMS ID
Sample 1,3.33,50,1,1111
Sample 2,4.4,45,1,222
Sample 3,5.5,60,10,333
Sample 4,1,25.5,1,444

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