How to edit the SpectrAA 5.5 exported result report layout?

QUESTION: What is the file name and where is it located that I can design the exported SpectrAA 5.5 result report layout?



I currently use SpectrAA Ver 5.2 software on one Zeeman 280 instrument.

I have just received and installed SpectrAA Ver 5.5 software on another Zeeman 280 instrument.

The Ver 5.2 exports results as a prn file during a run with a layout I created back in 2012. This layout appears


I cannot recall now how or in what program file I edited the layout so that all exports would appear this way?

The SpectrAA Ver 5.5 layout does not place the element name in front of the row from the "Method Notes" tab of the method.

Also there are other layout differences that should be corrected by a simple layout edit file.


Thank you for your attention and time.

D. R.



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