High Energy Helium



I use an Agilent 7900 ICP-MS and I have a few questions that some of you maybe to answer. How does HEhe mode differ from He mode? Is it that in HEhe mode the ions / polyatomics are given more kinetic energy therefore inducing more collisions or is more helium pumped into the collision cell in HEhe mode? If I set HEhe mode at 4.3ml/min is there any advantage over using He mode at the same flow rate of 4.3ml/min, or is HEhe mode only useful if the flow rate is upped to around 10ml/min. All information, no matter how obscure, would be most welcome!


On the Acquire Parameters page what is the difference between using standard peaks and narrow peaks? When using narrow peaks are the backgrounds reduced? Again any information would be welcome.



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