Connecting instrument to Lab LAN

I have 3 ICP-MS installed in our cleanroom that I'm trying to get connected to a local network. Each instrument has it's own computer to access the Mass Hunter software. When I connect all 3 instrument and 3 computers to a switch hub, I get communication errors. All 6 items have their IP addresses changed to match our labs local network. I am able to connect 1 computer and 1 ICP-MS to the hub, but as soon as another computer is added, this communication error is caused. What am I missing? It seems the computer knows which instrument to talk to as I enter in the instruments IP address inside Mass Hunter, but the instrument doesn't know which computer it needs to communicate with. Any help would be appreciated. 

  • Since you have 3 instruments and 3 workstations, you will need to change the IP address for each of them, in order to prevent any conflict in your network. The issue happens as soon as you add the second icp-ms to the network, so there must be a conflict. I would also recommend to add the host name for each icp-ms in the corresponding "hosts" file under C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder. Try adding them one by one. If you have specific questions, you can contact the local support team in your country, or I will try to help you from this platform. 

  • Very delayed response!  apologies, but I have moved organisation and am now under this profile.  Thanks for the advice above... notwithstanding a few tweeks and updates to the hardware configuration, and a slight time delay (few mins) in the firmware recognising changes were made, the above worked a treat and the LAN works fine.  Thanks again... Brian.

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