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Does someone have experience in creating a sensitivity check on an Agilent ICP-OES VDV 5100? By a 'Sensitivity Check' i mean, a simple test where one would analyse a 5 ppm pure multi-element standard to check that the instrument sensitivity is performing correctly before carrying-out an analysis, covering the wavelength range of interest.


For my work I am investigating the attached list of elements at these wavelengths between 178 - 589 nm. Would it be appropiate to select 3 or 4 elements covering the beginning, middle and end of this wavelength range and compare the axial and radial emission intensity. I think if the difference in intensity for the Axial Vs Radial is about 1.5 and RSD values are low. Then if these are consistent on a daily basis it'll be easy to spot if problems do start occuring with sensitivity.


Should I use the same elements that I am analysing for as part of the Check or should I select independent elements?

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    The best way to confirm the performance of the instrument would be to use the performance test that is built into the instrument software. This allows you to use all the elements in the Agilent wavelength calibration standard pn 6610030100 (Al, As, Ba, Cd, Co, Cr, Cu, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Se, Sr, Zn, and K) and use a standard method - the same one used to verify the performance instrument in production and at the time of installation - and compare the sensitivity and precision against the "factory specifications".


    Although this test may not cover the elements that you are analyzing for, it does allow you to assess performance across
    the wavelength range of the instrument - and it does ensure the same conditions are used for that test.
    It is reasonable to assume that if the performance for these elements is acceptable, then it will also be acceptable for the elements you want to analyze for.
    This test will verify there are no issues in the sample introduction system and the instrument detection system - so any issues with the elements you analye for (and not covered by these tests) would be due to method settings e.g. incorrect wavelength selected for analysis.


    To run these tests, from the ICP Expert 7 software, select the Instrument button on the tool bar.
    Then click on the Tests tab and tick the test check box. Click on Run Tests and follow the prompts to introduce samples. A report will be displayed when test sequence has completed.


    Hope this helps you,
    Cheers Eric

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