Can I reject paramater values/results so that they do not show up in a CSV file i.e. I have paramters I cannot accept due to QC fails,don't want results to import into our LIMS

I'm just wondering is there away to 'Blank'/'Reject' a number of cells for which we do not want to accept data for.
For example (see attached), in a scenario where we have a few batches of samples, but the QC for a particular element (we'll say Aluminium for example) fails during the first batch, is there a way to reject the Aluminium results for those samples only? i.e. rejecting values from a portion of the column?
I know that we can 'expand/show additional columns' and show replicates, and that rejecting all replicates will result in overall result cell being blanked/rejected, so that when exported via CSV the cell is empty (this is our end goal for results we cannot accept). But I'm wondering is there an easier way to do this/ shortcut?? Thanks. 
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