LA-ICPMS measurements using the Agilent 7900- Help needed!


I'm facing a peculiar problem while using a laser ablation ICPMS system with an Agilent 7900 ICP-MS.

This is the standard procedure we follow:

1. After warming up the plasma, we create a batch and add the samples.

2. We start the ablation process and the acquisition time is adjusted (on the Mass Hunter software) to be slightly longer than the ablation time on the LA system software.

3. We add the batch to the queue on Mass Hunter and start ablation.

The problem is, I'm not able to see any data being acquired. I've used a batch that was created in the past, hence the issue is unlikely to be with the batch settings.
If we stop the batch and switch on signal monitor, I can see the signal. Even while using the user tune functions, we can see the signal.
Not sure if this is a recent compatibility issue with my version of the software (Build 432.21) or if I'm missing something. Any help will be really helpful.



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