IntelliQuant Calibration Issue - ICP-OES 5100


I've updated the intelliQuant calibration on my ICP-OES using only standard #1 as that is all I require using my normal measurement conditions and sample diluent, witjh a standard concentration of 5 ppm in both Axial and Radial view.


After the calibration update when I enter the IntelliQuant tab and click on the IntelliQuant standard #1, the heat map displays the 48 elements in the standard displaying the 5 ppm concentration which is normal.


The issue I'm noticing is that for Axial view the IntelliQuant Standard isn't displaying any 5 ppm concentration for Y or Nd on the heat map while it does for Radial view. But when I look at the captured spectral profiles for Y or Nd, it shows its registering large counts but just not displaying a concentration. Even with reducing the number of monitoring wavelengths to 1, it doesn't resolve the issue.


It wouldn't be an issue if I didn't need to detect Y in my samples but I do. Has anyone experienced this previously or have a possible solution?


Many thanks.

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