Hollow Cathode Lamps

Hi community! How do we dispose (utilize) of lamps?



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    The approaches to use for disposal of used hollow cathode lamps depends a little on where you are located.


    Within the USA, Agilent promotes a program run by Veolia that enables used lamps to be returned for recycling and safe disposal. Veolia break down the lamp to enable recycling of the components and disposal of the chemical residues.
    There is further information about this program outlined on Agilent’s website:


    But as noted, this program is only offered in the United States.


    Unfortunately, a lamp recycling service like this is NOT available in other countries.

    In other countries, used lamps should NOT be disposed of in domestic garbage. Lamps are classified as “WEEE” as they contain some electronics and some small quantities of chemicals – therefore, they should not be placed in the normal household waste. This is indicated by the (familiar) crossed out bin logo (which also aims to remind users not to dispose of in domestic garbage).
    We would recommend used lamps be disposed of in accordance with local EPA or Government regulations for regular vacuum lamps (or globes). Hollow cathode lamps contain small quantities of chemicals (usually less than 5 grams per lamp) and the lamps should be disposed of in a responsible manner because of these chemicals.


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