A-PLUS software release 2.0.2 not working on new Windows 11-PC!

The Software does not seems to start on the surface pro 8 on windows 11 Professional. on A surface go 2 with he exact same build it works. how can we change that? if we enter the adress in edge it says: "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"
Same issue occures on another new surface pro 8. How can we fix this?

  • If the A-Plus software works on your Surface Go 2 but not the Surface Pro 8, it it probably the way the communication ports are designed or configured. This is the first time I've learned of anyone using A-Plus on a windows surface of any kind.

  • ok. But can you tell me, how i can fix this problem?

  • I will have to ask our engineering team in Italy, because we have no documentation or set-up procedure for A-Plus an on a Surface device.   

  •  Are the MOXA drivers updated on Surface Pro 8?

  • I already updated it. The Problem is, the Software does not even start. I dot NOT have the problem of not finding devices but of the Software not Starting at all. Nothing happens. 

  • I am still waiting for assistance from Engineering.

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