Sequence is pausing on missing vials.

Hello I am using 1290 iQ's with open access (openlab CDS version 2.6), sequence is pausing on missing vials which he is not supposed to do I checked the configuration of vial sampler and its okay ( there is no tick on checkbox).

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  • Hi  

    Ah, so that's in Masshunter Walkup.  I was actually referring to the option directly in the OpenLab software.  If you right click on the Sampler in OpenLab Instrument Status and select the top menu item, "Control", you'll see another option to ignore missing vials.

    Its possible that you might need to make sure that the options in Walkup and OpenLab.

    Its really confusing that in Walkup the option is to "Stop on missing vial" and in Openlab its the other way around "Ignore missing vial".

    Hope that is a little clearer.


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