Can I measure the average value of a signal in OpenLab CDS V2.7

Hello community!

I want to be able to calculate the average value of a particular signal.  The signal is essentially background, no peaks, just a bit of elevated background signal.

Is there a way to do this directly in OpenLab Data Analysis?

My current solution is to export the signals using the Post Processing option to export csv files and do the work offline, in Excel.


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  • Hello Marty,

    I see.
    At the moment I do export of the chromatogram to csv. Than I open it using excel and manually select time range to calculate average, max and min values for height over specific time range. In my case in the range from 7 to 8 min I have 1212 data points. I would like to do it automated.
    Unfortunately, I am not familiar with VB and can’t find how to write a correct expression for calculation of average, max and min height for a specific time range. Could you please advise an example of expression for such calculations that can be added to a report.
    =Peak_RetentionTime( from 7 to 8 min) _avg(Peak_Height)
    =Peak_RetentionTime( from 7 to 8 min) _min(Peak_Height)

    Thank you in advance.
    Kind regards,

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