Renew licence on Win XP PC with EZChrome Elite

Hi all,

I wanted to install a new network printer on an old Win XP PC. During this I set up a home network (even though I didn't need it for the printer installation after all). After this change to the PC I could not use the EZChrome Elite Software anymore. When I want to open the Software (Offline or Online) I get the following message: "Unable to open the instrument because there are no licences available. Please contact the system administrator." I performed a system  reset to a day before to reset the changes I made, hoping it would also reset the licence problem. But sadly after the reset the problem remains the same. 

I found the "Key" Software that seems to be managing the licences, but I can see there that all the licences are in use. Now I cannot relicence them, because when I type in the Serial Number the Software is giving me a new "Request Code" for the activation so our old "Enable Code" doesn't match anymore. The PC is not connected to the internet and as far as I understood it, even if it would be, the activation code cannot be generated anymore?!? (as I read in a similar post on this forum)

Can I deinstall the licence first in order to redistribute them afterwards, or will I have the same problem with the "Enable Code"?

I would appreciate any help in making our HPLC operable again.

  • Hello,

    Unfortunately, the EZChrom Elite site where you could ask for a Request Code, has been removed. Agilent will help you move to OL EZChrom, be aware there will be a cost associated.


  • Thanks for your reply, I have suspected that this problem is present. I find it unfortunate that there is no option to provide some kind of crack for software that is no longer supported to circumvent these "enable keys". From a marketing standpoint it might make sense to force customers to buy new products (that do the same job) but for sustainability reasons it does not imo.

  • Now I did a workaround: I took another old PC with the same software installed (or so I thought) and connected the HPLC to it. After installing the LaChrom Elite drivers I could configure the Instrument but now I am missing the system suitability licence.

    Error message is: unable to open this instrument because there are no system suitability licences available please contact the system administrator"

    When I deselected system suitability in the configuration of intruments window, the error changes "system suitability" to "Hitachi LC" but the rest of the text remains the same.  

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