Creating 2 different calibration curve in OLAB CDS


Is it possible to create 2 calibration curves (For two different compounds in the sample) in one method, in OLAB CDS software?

I have 2 sets of calibration materials that I run with all my samples and I need to create two different calibration curves for each sets. 

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    If I understand your request, you are using two sets of calibration standards? Let's say, as a fictitious example, you are analyzing compound A (single peak on your chromatogram), and one set of standards is an in-house standard and one set is a purchased standard?

    Or, do you mean that your chromatogram has multiple compounds (Say, compounds A and B), and you have one set of standards, but need a calibration curve for each compound?

    Let me know if this makes sense. If it does not, can you provide a bit more detail of what you are trying to achieve so I can provide a more accurate answer?

  • Sure! I have two compound A and B, in my sample, and each should have their own calibration curve. so I have to run two sets of calibration Stds in the sequence. one set for compound A and one set (different material) for compound B

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    I see, so you don't have a calibration standard that contains A and B, they're separate.

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    If you have standards compounds across multiple mixes where all the compounds do not appear in all standard injections, the easiest way to deal with that is to setup separate levels for each mix. As an example, if I had 4 compounds in 2 standard mixes, 2 in each mix, and could not combined them for some reason, I would use the following workflow. I will say we need 3 levels of each mix so a total of six injections. I would setup a calibration table with levels 1-3 for mix 1 and levels 4-6 for mix 2. Just leave the calibration value blank for the levels where the compounds do not exist in the injected mix. In the example below, Peak A-B are in levels 1-3 and Peak C-D are in 4-6. You can then setup to run calibration as below in the injection list. Ignore the fact the second set of standards is at the sequence end that is just the data I had available. 

    Marty Adams

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