Search bar does not work in Data Analysis?

Using OpenLab 2.4. When I try to search for a sample name or sequence name that I know exists using the search bar in Data Analysis (Data Selection Tab), there are never any results.

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    You cannot use search unless your install meets the requirements below. If your system has a backend content management system, then you should be able to search from DA with some possible limitation depending on version and backend content manager. The type of installation you have will change the possible issues with searching, so let us know the install type and backend content management system (Workstation plus or client server install with ECM-XT or ECM 3.x). If you have a compatible system, check to see if you can search for data from the web interface of the content manager system as a baseline test.  

    Marty Adams

  • We are using OpenLab CDS in a client/server configuration. We have ECM XT, but not sure how to determine which version. I tried to search from the content management web interface as well, but still get no results.

    From the content management admin interface "search service" tab: search service is set to Solr 6, in the tracking status section everything about indexing says "unavailable".

  • Hello  ,

    Are you the only user that is seeing this issue, or are there multiple users experiencing this? I am wondering if this is a Role issue, maybe you do not have the necessary roles to view this.

    Also, are you searching within a particular project, or searching across projects? The default is a search across projects. However, you can look, say under project X (fictitious project), if you want to, but if your sample is under project Y, you will not find it.

  • Hello,

    If the search in the content manager interface is not working and the status information is unavailable, you should check the search service on the app server. Make sure it is running and if not start it to see if it will start. If this does not work open a ticket with the informatics support group since this is a client server install. 

    Marty Adams

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