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Hi All, I'm having trouble on OpenLab CDS 01.17.27.  I have analysed a sequence and want to display the data in a report (Compound Summary RT amount from Matrices - displaying peak area for named compounds). However, on previewing report I get 'no data available'. If I then go back to data analysis and click on individual injections and click 'Identify peaks, calculate + preview results' the info appears in preview - how do I apply this to all injections in the sequence at one go?  I think I'm missing something?

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  • Hello,

    In your post you mentioned 'Identify peaks, calculate + preview results' as one of the steps. This button only exists in OpenLab Chemstation so I think that may be what you have installed. The OpenLab CDS 01.17.27 version number is not a valid version for that software. OpenLab CDS would be CDS 2.x where x is 0-7 and Chemstation would be C.01.xx where xx is 01-11. In Chemstation you should use the review tab to create reports from existing templates. The previous reply applies in the same manner for choosing the injections and template to be used. Please note the results must be processed in Chemstation before IR reports can be done. If you changed the data processing method make sure you reprocessed your results. Also note many of the canned reports only work with named peaks. If you are trying to report unknown peaks make sure to peak a report template that shows unknowns. 

    Marty Adams

  • Thanks Martin.  You are correct it is chemstation -should be C.01.07. I will try your suggestions.

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