LCMSD 1260 Infenity /6130Quaderpole error: C:\Chem32\CORE\HPSCIL00.DLL, failed

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We have Agilent  LCMSD 1260 Infenity /6130Quaderpole. we encountered this error: Install module C:\Chem32\CORE\HPSCIL00.DLL, failed

We want to know the cause and the solution for this error ?

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Dr. Bensouici Chawki

  • Hello ,

    Errors of this type can indicate an issue with the software not being able to establish communication with the mass spec. I would suggest a full restart of the system to see if that resolves the issue.

    First I would exit all programs and shut down the PC. Then turn off all LC modules. The order should not matter. Then I would turn off the mass spec, wait for just 5 seconds, and then turn it back on. For the 6100 series single quads this will reset the electronics but not turn off the vacuum pumps. After the second valve movement from the mass spec, turn all of the LC modules back on. Again the order won't matter unless you have hosted modules, like an external valve driver, a G7116x MCT, a UIB, etc. I would turn hosted modules on only after the other modules have started, just to make certain they can find a suitable host. Then turn the PC back on and after you log in and allow Windows to finish booting attempt to start your online session again.

    Let us know what you find.

  • Dear  Howard Sanford

    Thank you very much for your reply,
    We followed the same steps you mentioned but the problem is still there
    After switching on the PC and starting the online software, the connection is reestablished and maintained until injection where the connection is broken again.
    You will find attached the photos before and after injection

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    Dr. Bensouici Chawki

    • Before (Figure 1)

    • After (Figure 2)

  • ,

    It appears an error occurred after the run began. If the instrument can idle indefinitely but errors shortly after a run starts, it could indicate a leak in your injection system, some electronic issue with the MS going into scan/acq mode, or some other module error that only occurs once the system is in a run state. You can hover your mouse cursor over the red status of each module and the pop up text will indicate the error. If all the LC modules indicate a remote stop then that would typically indicate the MS is generating the error. Or if you have an external degasser and it has gone red then it is the source of the problem.

    You can also check in the system log book to see what error was logged and which module reported it by going to the View menu, choosing Logbook>Current Logbook.

  • Dear  Howard Sanford

    Yes indeed, the LC modules indicate a remote stop, and no leaks were recorded, so we think that the problem is in the MS.

    The current logbook shows the following messages " Sequence: DEF-LC.S terminated due  an error

    CP Command: Queued item DEF-LC changed state to error''

    Could it be an error in the MS driver? because previously we tried to reinstall the software and it indicated an error when installing Open LAB Chemstation drivers

    Thank you for your help

    With my Best regards

    Dr. Bensouici Chawki

  • Hi,

    May be software installation is not done properly.

    .dll file is same like .exe file where coding exist.

    Either do fresh software installation or follow below link procedure.

    If not succeed from above then call local agilent to do this job properly.


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