New method does not inject.

Hello team,


I wanted to consult the following: an HPLC 1260, I had to reinstall the software. Once I did it, after creating a new method and giving the order to inject, the software turns blue and immediately turns green and does not inject...


At the bottom there is a message that says: System.Access.Violation.Exception Attempt to read or write to the protected memory. This often indicates that there is another damaged memory.


What can I do?

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  • Hello,


    I am glad that you tracked down the error that was preventing you from performing an injection. As for what part specifically would cause that error on your instrument, I am not going to be much help tracking that down as I am not familiar with the HPLC hardware. You might want to post this question over in the Liquid Chromatography area of the Agilent Community.

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