Export Chromatogram as CSV (time vs. response - not peak reports)


I'm looking to export the chromatogram as a CSV as chemstation was able to do.  I want just the raw time vs. response.   I don't want any peaks/areas/area% etc.  Nothing that is a result of processing.   OpenLabs manual suggest a method, but the only options are EMF and PNG.  I don't want a graphical picture, I want the raw x,y values. 



We use this exported data for performance verification through our own software and data analysis.  Is this possible to achieve with the OpenLabs 2.2 CDS Workstation? 




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  • Hello, we have the exact same question about exporting raw chromatograms as .csv files for data analysis. However, our OpenLAB CDS version is 2.3 instead of 2.2, so we couldn't install the add-on mentioned in your post (the installation gave an error saying that the add-on is only for OpenLAB CDS 2.2). Could you suggest an alternative way to convert from .d to AIA or .ch file? Thank you very much.

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