Best way to export from Agilent Chemstation Rev. B.05.04

We are having problems with data export from Agilent Chemstation Rev. B.05.04  using txt files - one of the machines would sometimes indent the content of txt file which makes it difficult to parse. What would be the best way to export our results - xml, csv or something else? 

I tried XML solution as described in XML connectivity Guide unsuccessfully. Is this solution applicable to Rev. B.05.04?

Also, I am unable to do Manual export since I cannot see Full menu mode? How could I enable Full menu mode?

We are aslo transitioning to LIMS in a couple of months. What would be the best way to export data if we want to make the transition as smooth as possible?

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    Is this LC/GC ChemStation or UV-Vis ChemStation? The last B revision for LC/GC ChemStation was B.04.03, but there was a B.05.04 release for UV-Vis ChemStation. 

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    OK thanks. I have moved this to the Molecular Spectroscopy forum for better visibility.

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    Vis ChemStation An Alternative Way to Export Data to a Spreadsheet.
    This is one of several ways to export UV Vis Data to a spreadsheet.
    1. Use the Export Selected Data option from the File menu.
    2. Use the macro from the UCL Folder 3 to export multiple spectra.
    3. Use this quick technique to export to a spreadsheet program.
    Numbers 1 & 2 allow the option to export to several formats:
    a. JCAMP-DX
    b. WAV
    c. CSV
    d. DIF
    Number 3 is faster as it allows a quick paste as CSV formatted data. Although there is not an
    option for multiple spectra with option3, it still may be faster.

    I. File > Load > Sample. (Please see figure 1.)
    II. Double mouse-click on the spectra. (Please see figure 2.)
    III. Select spectrum of interest by clicking just to the left of the row and moving the mouse
    down and choose Copy from the Edit menu. (Please see figure 3.)
    IV. Select cell A1 and paste. (Please see figure 4.) (Microsoft Excel is a registered
    trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.)

  • Hi Mike, 

    I followed your advice but have not been successful getting any of these methods to work. When I try the first method, I get an error message at the bottom of the screen "Syntax Error in cmd/fct EVALUATE" that prevents the data from being exported as a CSV (interestingly, some of the spectra can be exported this way, but others throw this error message making this not a suitable approach).

    For method 2, I don't know what the UCL Folder 3 is to run the suggested macro.

    For method 3, I can pull up the data table with tabulated points as shown in your figure, but the cells are not highlightable to enable copy/paste to a spreadsheet. 

    Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.



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