How to fix error code E9303 on Cary 300 with Labsphere DRA-CA-3300 integrating sphere accessory?

I would like to use a Cary 300 spectrophotometer to take transmission and reflectance measurements of cuvette samples. I have found a Labsphere DRA-CA-3300 diffuse reflectance integrating sphere accessory in our lab, but there is no manual or any kind of documentation. I can't find any information about this accessory online anywhere.


When installing this accessory and plugging it in then turning on the Cary 300, I get the following errors when opening the Scan application:

Error E9303: unable to initialize the instrument

Fault reported by the instrument while calibrating, peak transmission too small

Error E9328: fatal initialization

Fault reported by the instrument software while calibrating


Is anyone able to help with these errors?

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