Agilent Unknowns Analysis - Search Algorithm

Hi Everyone

I started using Unknowns Analysis a while ago. I understand most of the functions and parameters in the program, but there is something that has been on my mind recently. I have noticed that when I compare the results of my standards in the Unknowns Analysis to the NIST I can see that the NIST is far better at predictions, having the top hit listed as the correct compound. Meanwhile the Agilent software is not so accurate. For the record, I am familiar with the forward and reverse search functions and it does not really matter how well I optimize it for the batch, the NIST still predicts the component far more accurately.  

Is there any way I can implement the search algorithm of the NIST to the Unknowns Analysis software. I am aware of the GotoNISTMSProgram.Unknowns script, but that just exports the spectrum of the single component to NIST. I am looking for something automatic. 


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