Masshunter method setup for ISTD recovery

I am new in the field and still learning both Chemstation and Masshunter.
I was recently tasked to convert our Chemstation to Masshunter. I already have translated both data and methods using the translation tools but I have a problem to which I can’t seem to find the solution.

I have multiple ISTD’s that are added in the samples and thus follow the whole sample prep. After the sample prep, another ISTD called “IS recovery” is added to the samples. This IS recovery is added with the same amount and is used to calculate the recovery of the ISTD’s after sample prep.  With the translation of the Chemstation method to Masshunter, the IS recovery is now set as a Target and linked to ISTD 4 (probably because of the retention times being so close). As this IS recovery is added after sample prep it is not a "Surrogate" or "Matrix Spike" for as far as I understand. 

How can I now change the method setup so that I can calculate the recoveries of the ISTD’s based on this IS recovery?

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