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I previously had Quant 11 on my personal computer and decided to upgrade to Quant 12.1. When I tried to use the installer I get an error that "Set up was Interrupted" and fails to install. I tried to go back to Quant 11 but now get the error that "Product downgrade is not supported". It doesn't matter which version I have, I just need help with getting one to work.

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    In place upgrading for quant was only supported starting at Version 12.0. If you have any versions prior to that you must first uninstall quant before attempting to install a different version. If this was Quant 11.0 for TOF/QTOF then it would also have OpenLab components, and these are not all removed with an uninstall.

    If this PC only had Quant on it, at this point you need to uninstall all Quant and Agilent OpenLab applications, or basically any application listed as being Agilent...

    There are quite a few OpenLab applications.

    Once all of these have been successfully removed, reboot and then try your installation again. 

    If Qual is on this PC you can leave that. No current versions of Qual have OpenLab components and they will not interfere with Quant installation.

    If you have BioConfirm 11.0 or 12.x installed then it will not be possible to install Quant 12.x as the OpenLab component versions are incompatible. You would have to go back to Quant 11.0. This may complicate things depending on how far Quant 12.1 got with updating OpenLab components. You could try to remove the OL components, repair BioConfirm, and then load Quant, or you may need to completely uninstall BioConfirm as well and then reload both it and Quant 11.0.

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