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In version 12.1 of Masshunter acquisition it is now required that there is a flushing procedure whenever there is a change in the gradient of the pumps. Based on the current flow rate, this is pumping for 2399 seconds before the instrument is readying up. To bypass this, I have been opening up the purge valve and flushing at max flow rate 5.00 mL/min till the module becomes ready (<2mins). However when running 2 methods with different gradient, I cannot be here in person to flush the system overnight thus I've inserted a "wait script"

Also it appears that the script I created didn't appear to work. How do you go about customizing a wait script inserted between 2 methods?

Also the wait script can only be a maximum of 30mins and 2399sec equates to 40mins, would I insert another wait script for the extra 10mins before the instrument times out.

  • Hello  ,

    What is your LC configuration? The only forced purging that I'm aware of occurs under certain conditions when using a dual needle multisampler. Otherwise I'm not aware of any enforced equilibration times in any versions of MassHunter. 

    The maximum for the wait script is 30 minutes. You can expose the column Equilb Time (min) and use this to specify a wait time. From the help file - 

    The time to wait before injection but after the method is loaded. This is useful to condition the LC column with the solvent mixture specified in the method for a while before the sample injection is made.

    I entered a time of 999 and it accepted that and appears to be paused, though there is no count down. 

  • Hi. We do have a dual needle setup and therefore require the forced purged between methods as these methods are running different gradients.

    I specified for a 30min wait window however this has errored out the instrument.


    Method 1



    Method 2

  • Hello  ,

    For a dual needle multisampler the purge timer does not start until after the method with a different gradient or solvent system is loaded. By default, the worklist will have a 10 minute Wait Time for Ready. This can be set to a maximum of 60 minutes. For your case setting this to 45 should be sufficient. It can be changed in the Worklist Run Parameters. This can be accessed from the Worklist toolbar icon or from the upper left corner right click context menu.

    The Equilib Time (min) column I mentioned originally cannot be used to add extra wait time for this purge. I'm not certain exactly when its timer starts, but in testing the Wait Time for Ready timer appears to begin as soon as the method is load and will error out if the system does not come ready within this time, regardless of the Equilib Time (min) setting.

    One other option, if you should require more than 60 minutes to purge, would be to utilize the LoadIdleMethod script to load your next method, followed by as many Wait scripts as necessary. Used in conjugation with the 60 minute Wait Time for Ready setting it should be possible to extend the purge wait indefinitely. I tested this with 2 methods that require a 7 minute purge and set my Wait Time for Ready to 1 minute. This worklist was able to run successfully by preloading the next method and waiting for two 4 minute scripts.

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